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Nostalgia and innovation

It was in 2010 that Wouter started BRYNXZ Collections. With his commercial background and in addition a large dose of determination, he took his opportunity and created a new lifestyle brand. This turned out to be a good move, because BRYNXZ Collections completely conquered the Netherlands in a short time. For a number of years now Wouter gets help from Anko, a creative Jack of all trades! Together with their enthusiastic employees they intend to expand the BRYNXZ brand even further, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


The name BRYNXZ is a nod to the “brink”: the central village square of times gone by. A place of excitement, trade and commerce, where love and sorrow used to meet. BRYNXZ combines the best of the past with the finest of the present. We stand for nostalgia and renewal, something old and something new. This is reflected in our name, our products and our philosophy.



Over BRYNXZ Collections

A popular gift 

BRYNXZ products are original, sturdy and sober. The home accessories appeal to a wide audience. This makes our home decorations not only a perfect gift for yourself, but also for others. Because BRYNXZ suits every style, in every environment.


Our aim is to remain authentic. Leading in quality, style and colour, but never losing sight of our core values. We guarantee this authenticity by designing the entire collection ourselves. As a result, BRYNXZ collection pieces match without effort – like the trees on the ‘brink’…

Our team

BRYNXZ Collections realises that professional and motivated employees are the company’s most important asset. Our team, with a heart for the product as well as the customer, determines the success of BRYNXZ. Each employee’s boundless commitment and extensive knowledge make BRYNX Collections not only an inspiring working place, but also a nice business partner. Meet our employees now:


Wouter is responsible for the financial ins and outs. In addition, he maintains contact with his customers and takes care of the entire purchase procedure. Moreover, he is jointly responsible for the collection, mainly from a technical and logistical perspective.


Anko regularly travels the world in search of ideas, materials and colours that are then translated into fresh designs for BRYNXZ ever-innovating collections. The entire creative process, from collecting to decorating the showroom, is his full responsibility. This also applies, for example, to everything that has to do with photography.


Jacko maintains intensive contact with our customers at home and abroad. Not a so-called ‘fast guy’, but a personally committed professional with great commercial insight and a customer-oriented attitude. Besides that, he is also our expert in ICT. Jacko does not shy away from any challenge; he bites the bullet and has a solution for everything.


Together with Jerome and Michael, Xander takes care of the entire logistics process down to the last detail. No pallet is too high and no shipment too big. As the numbers 14 of BRYNXZ, nothing escapes them, with every delivery they score. These muscles master planning and packing like no other.

Jet and Suuz

Being beautiful and sitting up; our photo-models always manage to do even more justice to our collection. Moreover, no other team member receives our customers with more enthusiasm than these two. Jet and Suuz are BRYNXZ’s flagship!